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About Me

Hey there!  My name is Mira and I am an actor living in Chicago.  Okay, now you're probably thinking, "Wait, what am I doing here?  I came to this site for interior decorating help!"  But stay with me.

In addition to acting, my entire adult life, I've had this love for curating unique spaces and I'd say I'm pretty darn good at it.

After I graduated with my MFA in acting from DePaul, I was looking for a "day job" that would scratch my creative itch and keep me artistically stimulated.  Enough people had walked into my apartment and lost their minds that I thought, "Hey, maybe I should do THIS as my side hustle?"

In the summer of 2023, I began to advertise my services in neighborhood Facebook groups, and look, here we are!

I want to work with you.  I want to help you create your dream home.  I believe in creating spaces that are unique to YOU, your passions, your experiences and your quirks. And on top of that, I don't believe that you need to have tons of money to live in your dream home.

So take a look around.  If you like what you see, reach out, and we can get started on creating a home that will make you never want to leave the house.

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